Shooting Star, Landscaped Garden, Pretty Please?

Alright, so I’m down a few hundred bucks. But I firmly maintain that was a faulty wishing well and I can prove it. You see, it was a crescent half-moon, and everyone knows that’s the most auspicious time for NOT getting your wishes granted if the particular wishing well you’re using has any imperfections. In … [Read more…]

Office Gets A Garden

It’s true what they say: a café is judged by its garden. I’m certainly not going to pick up my coffee from a dingy, dismal-looking café when I can go to somewhere else with flowering bulbs and sunshine. Even if it’s a chain restaurant, I’ll choose on principle. That’s why I believe we need to … [Read more…]

Garden renovation stress

We’ve literally just begun our renovations on our home and it is already killing me. Who would have thought something that so many people do for fun would be so difficult? I mean, I’ve watched renovation TV shows and I’ve seen them cry their eyes out over brindabella roses. I never thought I would have … [Read more…]