Project: Pizzaz

My friend Candice has forever got some epic project underway. Well, her projects always seem like a massive deal to me, but I get the feeling they’re not much to her. We’re talking things like launching an online store that sells bodybuilding supplements, travelling to Switzerland to speak at a global conference, having a nose job and getting a kitchen renovation – all in the same month.

Look, getting a reno done might not seem like that big a deal alongside those other things, but anyone who’s had their kitchen remodelled will likely tell you that it’s no walk in the park. That is, unless you happen to live near a park, in which case you might find yourself spending a fair bit of time there while the renovation work is underway (hint: go ahead and take advantage of the public barbecues).

Seriously, the convenience of having a working kitchen is not to be underestimated. Many of us really do live in some crazy luxury these days – I mean, what would your great-grandmother have thought about your dozen electric appliances and imported tapware? Even if all of that was stripped back, she’d probably still be shocked at how easy we’ve got it.

Back to Candice and her kitchen makeover. Melbourne readers, have you noticed a trend recently for lighting that resembles an inner-city bar cropping up in your friends’ kitchens? That’s what Candice has just had installed, and I have mixed feelings about it. It’s absolutely to her taste, though, which is essentially go big or go home – not least when it comes to her home.

Sometimes I wonder if Candice’s life is really one big parade of glamour, as it appears to be. Like, what is she compensating for? But then I hang out with her and remember that she’s just someone with a particularly loud way of being in the world. She knows what she likes and, evidently, is not afraid to communicate it to her kitchen designer.

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