Shooting Star, Landscaped Garden, Pretty Please?

Alright, so I’m down a few hundred bucks. But I firmly maintain that was a faulty wishing well and I can prove it. You see, it was a crescent half-moon, and everyone knows that’s the most auspicious time for NOT getting your wishes granted if the particular wishing well you’re using has any imperfections. In this case, the well was in the middle of a busy tourist area and all the negative vibes clearly seeped in. I should’ve seen all the signs, but…that’s the way of the universe. Even the very best of us can’t really predict it.

I’m going to NAIL it this time, though. I can’t wish for a kitchen makeover because one tainted wish is best left alone. One more wish for that and I could tear a hole in the fabric of space-time. However…I got a great idea for the garden when we were in Carrum Downs. Garden supplies wasn’t the main point of the day- that was a birthday party for my one-year-old niece, which she won’t remember but whatever. I’ve been getting into landscape gardening a bit recently, especially since the Great Australian Trade-Off is back for a second season, and they’ll get round to it eventually. I just know I’ll watch them carrying big barrels of crushed rock and putting down aggregate and dealing with driveway topping, and maybe even throwing around some pebbles for a bit of garden flair, and I’ll get the urges. I’ll NEED the garden of my dreams, but I won’t be able to do anything about it because building supplies are expensive and I have no actual landscaping skills.

But there’s a meteor shower coming up in a month…and that’s like, a wish blowout sale. Guaranteed wishes granted or the universe implodes. One star has to buy some garden pebbles from a place in Berwick and bring them to my garden. And arrange them nicely. And that’s only the beginning.


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