Stuck Awning Window

This probably sounds extremely trivial, but the one thing that annoys me more than anything is the awning window in my bedroom that always gets stuck. It seriously takes me five minutes each morning to open my window and then five minutes each night to close it. My boyfriend, who doesn’t live with me, always wonders why I even bother opening the window if it’s just going to annoy me so much. I bother because I need fresh air in my bedroom! The last thing I want is to sleep in a room that doesn’t smell fresh. 

I know it sounds pretty pathetic that I’m complaining about a window, at least I own a home that has windows, but it’s still really bad and annoying. Pretty much, I’m in desperate need of an awning window replacement. I’m going to go mad if I don’t get one soon.

Lately, my window has been annoying me so much that I’ve started sleeping in the spare room instead of the master bedroom. The spare room is less than half the size of my actual bedroom but I actually prefer sleeping in it now because I can open and close the windows as I please. This one small thing has really impacted my quality of life, and not for the better.

I just need to put money aside from my next pay and get a window frame replacement. Melbourne window replacers (is that what they’re called?) have got to be experienced enough to properly replace my window. I just need to save some money. Surely I can go a couple of weeks without going out for dinner if it means I can sleep in my bedroom again. I need a window that opens and shuts, so I’m going to have to pay for it. 

I’m really annoyed that I have to do this. But as everyone says, at least I own a house that has windows.

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