Task Force: Latch

Fraydo Bagman’s quest begins in the shire of what was once Mornington, which will then be little more than a bunch of drowned paddocks and buildings. There will be a floating town there called Little Person Town, where Fraydo will inherit the Boat Latch of Power from his uncle who has had possession of the item ever since he used it to steal the treasure from a powerful hydra, many years earlier. This is the future I see, in the year 2071. 

Fearing for his life, Fraydo will travel away from his home for the first time, heading toward the Sea Elf haven to the east. There, he will seek a man who was once the finest when it came to completing stainless steel marine fabrication. In the Melbourne CBD, fishermen once relied on his services to install all their boat upgrades. The man Fraydo will seek is named Elrod, leader of the Sea Elves. It will be there that Fraydo puts together a task force, with the guidance of Elrod, who advises them to cast the Boat Latch of Power into the fiery Crater of Doom, in Antarctica, where the meteor once fell.

Boat catch installation may once have been Elrod’s forte, but now he seeks only to destroy the cursed boat latch. He puts together the Task Force of the Boat Latch, who will go on this dangerous journey together. Five heroes and four smaller heroes. This is what I foresee. However, one of the heroes shall betray the others on their quest, attempting to take the Boat Latch of Power for himself. Only at the last moment will he see the error of his ways, seeking to redeem himself with his final breaths. Then, the Task Force will be caught up in a war between the Dark Lord Sow-Ron’s forces and the watery realms of men. Fraydo and his water-gardener will break away from the Task Force, seeking to complete their mission alone. Will they succeed? I am not sure. The crystal ball I see the future through has not seen fit to reveal that to me, yet.

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