The Ghost Boat Chronicles

Day 1, on the ghost boat: I’m not sure what the fuss was about. In terms of this boat being old and creepy, I guess I can see what they mean. It’s about 200 years old and barely sea-worthy, which is fine because the challenge said that it’s just getting pushed out into the bay. I just have to stay here for a week, and I win $1000. Easy. I mean, the place is supposedly haunted, but…eh, I don’t see it. Especially since they gave a few modern conveniences. I feel a little more relaxed knowing about the recent outboard motor repairs. Melbourne’s most haunted boat? We’ll see.


Day 2, on the ghost boat: Alright, so this place is pretty…drab. The whole deck is burned from some tragedy or whatever, and I found a pile of bones while I was exploring the brig. Also, maybe it’s just because everything is way quieter, but the water lapping against the boat at night seems…I don’t know. Eerie? That’s not a normal water sound, I know that much.


Day 4, on the ghost boat: Well, I lost the anchor. I saw the anchor winch and everything, and it was fine, but I thought I’d have a look and it just snapped right off. In fact, a lot of things are breaking around here. Is it just me, or is the shore getting further away?


Day 6, on the ghost boat: The voices keep telling me that I’ll soon be sleeping in a watery grave, and that apparition of the dead captain is getting on my nerves. Don’t think I’ve slept in about four days because those things keep crawling over the bough and I have to fight them off, except it always turns out that there’s nothing there at all. Go figure.


Day 7, on the ghost boat: My friend Leroy in the brig turned out to be a total jerk. First he said that the outboard motor services had not gone down in the last 200 years, which is just silly. I’m not sure why he would say such things. Then he made fun of my beard, and the ghost captain agreed, even though BOTH of them are dead and can’t really talk. No one on this boat likes me. I should just…leave. This is a hub of negativity, and I want no more of it.

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