Well Maintained Cars Are Key

The younger cousins have raised the valid issue that, when confronting an enemies, there are perhaps better ways to escape into the night than flying across the rooftops. That sort of thing worked really well when we were back in our home country, when all the rooftops were high and angled, perfect for leaping across while arrows rain down. You can take cover on the opposite side of the curve…although of course, the idea is that you don’t get spotted at all.

Things are so very much harder here in Melbourne. The rooftops are much smaller, many are flat and hard to access…and it would seem that cars are a much more efficient way to get around the place. Just have someone in the driver’s seat, and off you go.

So now, we have a local mechanic to do our car repairs. Hawthorn is strange area being that it’s very close to the city but also separate enough to have it’s own culture. It’s…strange. I was charged with taking the car in for a service, and I have to say I’m still not comfortable behind the wheel despite passing the test of driving. The driving test. I’m used to handling tools…elegant, sleek implements designed to be carried on your tool-belt and used at a moment’s notice. Sitting in a car feels odd, and I dislike my inability to simply leap out and escape when I’m going at high speeds. And there are people who do car servicing for a living? Obviously, there are. And obviously they existed back in Japan as well, as cars have invaded the modern era almost everywhere.

Still…they DO make our work more efficient. And the car servicing professionals in Hawthorn don’t ask too many questions. We clean out the stains, remove all the tools, and it hasn’t really been a problem thus far.

I’m just glad my days of active duty are behind me.

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