New Car, Guess I Should Learn How to Drive

Sometimes you’re just so tired, you buy a car. That’s how that works, apparently. I mean, I’d had a little bit to drink as well, and I vaguely remember Jarred daring me to do…something. And then Jenny was definitely the designated driver, because I distinctly (that is, ‘hazily’) remember her dropping me off at home, … [Read more…]

Muscles Need a Needling

Good party last night! I think I need a massage though as my back is aching. That’ll teach me to try and do a back-flip while standing on a tyre swing. Now, I remember that I was talking to that person about manual therapies… was she a massage therapist? No, that’s not it. I think … [Read more…]

Let Me Tell You About My Successful Cousin…

Procrastination seems to infect people around here. People arrive, all bright-eyed and enthusiastic, and then you give them a couple of months and they’re just like the rest of us. I was going to go to Japan at the end of last year, you know. I just put it off for so long that I felt … [Read more…]

The Quest for a Happy Head

My friend, Sue, is thinking of buying a portable hyperbaric chamber. If you think that sounds high-tech, you’d be right, but not insanely so. It’s basically a pop-up chamber large enough for person to hang out inside, which creates an internal air profile that’s higher pressure and higher in oxygen that standard ambient conditions. The … [Read more…]

Kid Needs To Let Off Steam

Ah, the joys of travelling with a three year-old. You can’t sense my sarcasm from there, can you? Oh, you can? Well, that’d be because travelling with a three year-old is a ridiculous thing to do wrapped in a fiasco waiting to happen. Alright, that was a bit on the negative side. But you have … [Read more…]

Window Frosting Fun

Grrr! My boss at the gift shop has gone overseas again, and left me with some ridiculous tasks to attend to. I mean, I’m all for shouldering some responsibility. Making an Easter-themed window display I can do; no problem. But arranging to have the windows frosted in a custom seasonal design? That seems like something … [Read more…]

Gumboots and Glass

The shop is starting to looking super stylish now. Gumboots aren’t the easiest product to merchandise, but I think we’re getting somewhere. Come winter, everyone and their dog is going to be hanging out for pair of ethically manufactured rain boots sporting reproductions of work by local street artists. A recent challenge was realising, a … [Read more…]

Stay in Character, Seriously!

I know some people say that Week of our Lives is a little ‘out there’, but I really don’t get it. I just feel like it’s regular life, with the volume turned up a bit. Regular life, but with a dash of excitement tossed in that you don’t get in the real world. It’s pretty … [Read more…]

Clinical Competition

My sister in law, Brianna, has just qualified as a clinical psychologist. Having never been exposed to one, I’m not 100% clear on what that role entails, but I know enough to understand that the better part of a decade has gone into attaining the qualification. Anyway, she’s itching to get started, and I’m guessing … [Read more…]

Expanding the University Right Into the Water

I know our university is on the waterfront, but I never really considered boat parking to be something we’d need. How many students could possibly be arriving via yacht and/or sailboat of some sort? One, perhaps two maximum? Usually it’s zero, but this year we’ve suddenly had a petition signed by sixteen students who’ve all … [Read more…]