Kennel Has Plumbing!

You know how I said I’m always looking to make my dogs’ lives better? Well, I’ve thought of the next thing that I can do! I’m going to add plumbing! If you remember my last blog post, I was adding electricity to the kennel so that my dogs could see at night and have a … [Read more…]

Task Force: Latch

Fraydo Bagman’s quest begins in the shire of what was once Mornington, which will then be little more than a bunch of drowned paddocks and buildings. There will be a floating town there called Little Person Town, where Fraydo will inherit the Boat Latch of Power from his uncle who has had possession of the … [Read more…]

Heating Struggles

  As some of you may know, two years ago we welcomed our gorgeous daughter. She has been going through all her milestones such as walking and talking. About seven months ago my wife and I decided it was time to give our little girl a sibling. A month later we were pregnant with our … [Read more…]

Painting Tiger Colours

I’ve always wanted a house that reminds people of tigers, but I’ve had a big problem trying to settle on the colours. See, real tigers are usually orange and black, with bits of white. But here in Melbourne, we have a football team based on the majestic tiger, and their colours are yellow and black. … [Read more…]

Stuck Awning Window This probably sounds extremely trivial, but the one thing that annoys me more than anything is the awning window in my bedroom that always gets stuck. It seriously takes me five minutes each morning to open my window and then five minutes each night to close it. My boyfriend, who doesn’t live with me, … [Read more…]

Plumbing Plans Ruined

I can’t believe Jane invited more people to our date. I mean, she didn’t seem to realise it was a date, so I can’t really blame her, but it still sucks. This was supposed to be the two of us going to a plumbing-themed escape room, but now I’ve got to convince all of our … [Read more…]

Foot In The Grave

I just had a big blow-up with my dad. As usual, it was about something pretty stupid – I mean, stupid in terms of issues to have a shouting match about. Clearly, I’m in the right, so it’s completely nonsensical to argue about it. In short, my dad has been complaining of heel pain for … [Read more…]

A Real Mess

The drive out to the country is always an interesting one. Invariably, something stuffs up royally, whether it’s a blown tyre, someone getting stung by a mystery insect, or the weather somehow stepping in to prevent a bridge crossing. This time, I’ve gotten off relatively easy, with the van’s air conditioning deciding to conk out, … [Read more…]

Late Night Havoc

Visiting my cousin in Hobart is always… well, a bit of a thing. To put it diplomatically, Estelle is the kind of person who really shines in small doses. Hanging out with her for a long weekend, on the other hand, does not shed the best light on her. In less diplomatic terms, she really … [Read more…]