We’re buying a home!

We didn’t expect things to move at such a pace when we made the decision to buy our first home. Having expected to remain renters for at least another year, I felt completely out of my depth when Frances said she’d found a place that we’d be stupid not to look at. We had been … [Read more…]

Clearing Out Termites: Not So Easy

I’m seriously going to need therapy after this, but I guess I’ll have enough money to make it worth it. At least…I’m hoping I have enough. I didn’t apply to be on this game show for FUN. It’s all about the fame and glory and potential girlfriend opportunities. It’s so HARD though. The show, in … [Read more…]

Everything Must be Airtight

I think architectural research is going quite well. Many would simply think that building on the moon is the same as Earth, but it is not true. You have to account for lower gravity, and a less stable surface. Also, you can’t just stack bricks on top of each other and call it a day. … [Read more…]

Summer Daydreams… About Windows

Summer is approaching, and I’m starting to daydream about having time to spruce up my living space. Sounds mundane, but this is actually a rare treat. In annual increments, my house is gradually becoming an ever-more awesome place to be. I think my project for this year is going to be to do with windows. … [Read more…]

Who Burnt the Popcorn? (It was Gary.)

My cousin, Gary, is such a dunce. I mean, not really – he’s been through medical school – but he can be a real airhead sometimes. I’ve just heard the news that he accidentally burned down a large chunk of his kitchen last week. According to my mother, he was making some popcorn on the … [Read more…]

Consistent Hair, a Pipe Dream?

I’ve always dreamed the day would come when I can put on a hat and take it off, and my hair would remain the same. Or perhaps I’d be wearing a jumper. It’s hotter than I expected! I want to take the jumper off. And I would, gloriously. Then I’d fold it up neatly and … [Read more…]

The Ghost Boat Chronicles

Day 1, on the ghost boat: I’m not sure what the fuss was about. In terms of this boat being old and creepy, I guess I can see what they mean. It’s about 200 years old and barely sea-worthy, which is fine because the challenge said that it’s just getting pushed out into the bay. … [Read more…]

Parental Madness Zone

So my dad is making a will with a lawyer in Melbourne, even though he’s living in Croatia. Mum seems to think this is because he’s planning to move back over here. She still has a soft spot for him, despite wanting nothing to do with him these days. Anyway, this will drafting process is … [Read more…]

I Can Be Independent…Mostly

It certainly is fortunate that I have a manservant here to type this for me, because I constantly have trouble with the alphabet. Have you ever noticed that if you flip an ‘a’ upside down and add a little stalk, it turns into a ‘b’? How did the person who came up with this not … [Read more…]

When You Know You’ve Made It…

You know, some people are so rich that they could basically host a small economy on their property. Maybe that’s the ‘rich’ of the future. You won’t be held to any laws, except the ones you make yourself, because each person’s estate will be like a country unto itself with no outside influence. People will … [Read more…]