Office Gets A Garden

It’s true what they say: a café is judged by its garden. I’m certainly not going to pick up my coffee from a dingy, dismal-looking café when I can go to somewhere else with flowering bulbs and sunshine. Even if it’s a chain restaurant, I’ll choose on principle. That’s why I believe we need to … [Read more…]

We do ice skating?

I guess we do ice skating. No, wait, I’ve got the brief in the email somewhere…oh, okay. We’re working with ice skating companies as part of a broader teaching initiative that includes a number of different fields. Wait, no, that’s worse! That means people could ring me up asking me how to ice skate and … [Read more…]

Help Finding The Perfect Home

No one wants to buy houses that are on fire. That’s just…a fact. Imagine you’re a fresh-faced new home buyer. You’ve been saving up for years to buy your first home in somewhere nice, like Brighton. Conveyancers are at the ready, because you’ve done your research, read all the newspaper articles, you have wise parents … [Read more…]

Garden renovation stress

We’ve literally just begun our renovations on our home and it is already killing me. Who would have thought something that so many people do for fun would be so difficult? I mean, I’ve watched renovation TV shows and I’ve seen them cry their eyes out over brindabella roses. I never thought I would have … [Read more…]

Got to Get that Brain Working Hard

It’s come to my attention that…there’s a lot I don’t know about the world. Can’t blame everything on school, although maybe, like…a history lesson would’ve been nice. We didn’t even do history in school except for one subject in Year 8, and even then we just learned about Australian history. So when I made it … [Read more…]

The Perfect Venue For Observation

Remember that film ‘Signs’, with Melon Gibson and the cute little kids? Well there is some truth to it. I had an interesting case recently that was eerily similar to that film. A troubled parent contacted me and told me their child was saying some strange things about aliens trying to talk to them. Now … [Read more…]