There Should be Metalworking in the Future…

I appreciate Mum and Dad making our life choices for us, I really do. They made it very clear for us, and now that I’m leaving school I can see why. So many of my classmates don’t have a clue what they want to do, or even what they want to do at uni. They’re … [Read more…]

Things to know before cutting down a small tree

More people need to know that cutting down trees is extremely dangerous and is best left to a professional in tree removal. Melbourne has very strict rules about how close a tree can be to houses and power lines. If you wish to cut down a tree on your property by yourself you are going … [Read more…]

It’s Not My Fault, Obviously

There’s a lot you can say about open wood fires, but mostly, I’d just like to say they suck. And Mum and Dad gave ME the job, obviously, because they want to do it. Adults can suck sometimes, as well. Base facts: it rained a lot during that winter. It was cold, it got dark … [Read more…]

My cool solution to a busted air conditioner

It had been a terribly hot weekend and I was really looking forward to going into work on Monday morning. I don’t have air conditioning at my house, but I manage to survive by taking cold baths and sleeping on the floor.  I simply hated the thought of having to use my brain in the … [Read more…]

Fame on the Beach

I have walked where the great ones have walked. Trodden where the exalted few have also trodden. The beach holiday in Lorne is going great, by the way. I know I came here for one singular purpose- well, two- but actually the accommodation we found in Lorne is really lovely and there’s a place down … [Read more…]

A Very Inconvenient Roof

Alternate sources of energy are seeing a huge rise after that show aired…you know, the one about the family who have so much trouble trying to get a roofing person in to fix a few tiles, they eventually just give up and become a family of serial killers. An Inconvenient Roof, that was it. Apparently … [Read more…]

I’d Go On TV…For a House

Reality TV is embarrassing to watch, but I’m starting to see the appeal. If you sell your soul, look stupid in front of the whole country (or the whole world, if you do something meme-worthy), spend SO much time running around doing stupid challenges and so much other tiresome stuff, you might get something decent … [Read more…]

Ute toolboxes are set to be installed

We recently got new utes for the crew, and while they are certainly up to the challenges that come with working at the circus, they are still in need of a few upgrades. This is of course stock standard for the crew here; we like to outfit our operation with custom vehicles so that we … [Read more…]

The Soundtrack of My Life

If I had one wish, and I couldn’t wish for more wishes, and I couldn’t just ask to be a genie, and I couldn’t ask for wishes to be given to all my friends, and I couldn’t wish for infinite birthday cakes, four-leaf clovers, coins to throw in a wishing well or sightings of the … [Read more…]

My Personal, Universal View on Aluminium

I might have only been in the welding industry for a year, but I don’t like the way things are going. It’s time for immediate action. I might be young, but that gives me an instant advantage since it makes me politically savvy, woke and erudite, much more perceptive and clever than everyone older than … [Read more…]